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August 4-10 Events

Kidsworld is only possible to do the generous support of our partnering organizations! We kindly ask you to show your appreciation by:

1. Thanking the organizations hosting you

2. Giving positive reviews on Google and the host organization's Facebook Page

3. Sharing your photos on social media, tagging the host organization and Kidsworld

4. When choosing activities throughout the year, support these great organizations!

Thank You!


Bonus Discounts_edited.jpg

With a Kidsworld Pass, on top of all the events we have lined up, you also receive bonus discounts!

  • $50 off a week at Keats Camps for new campers

  • $50 off a week at Anvil Camp for new campers

  • Vancouver Mysteries 20% off outdoor games before August 31

  • Vancouver Whitecaps ticket discounts on on Calendar

  • BC Lions ticket discounts - TBD

Visit the Members Bonus Discounts Page for links and details by clicking the blue button.  The password for this page will be emailed to you when you order passes.

August 4,6,7,8,9,10

1905 Ogden Ave


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10am – 5pm

The free Kidsworld entrance can only be received once per pass for child and adult.

 You will need to present your pass at the front desk.

$23.50 value


The Vancouver Maritime Museum is a great place for families to learn about the sea
and the ships that sail it. The feature exhibition this summer is

And the newly renovated children’s gallery offers imaginative play for children of
all ages.

august 5

august 6,7,8,9

2212 Main Mall

Vancouver (at UBC)

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Any Tuesday to Friday in July and August

10am – 4pm
Show your pass for complimentary admittance for Kidsworld member and guardian. $24 value.

One time per pass in the summer.

See the largest creature to have ever lived on earth, a Blue Whale skeleton hanging in the natural history Museum Atrium. Enjoy the many daily programs and hands-on discovery lab. 

august 7

405 Seymour Place

North Vancouver

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July 6

10am – 4pm Drop In
Show your Kidsworld pass for complimentary entrance for child and adult.  $15.00 value.

Maplewood Farm is five acres of rural family fun in the urban heart of the North Shore.  The farm is home to over 200 friendly domestic animals and birds, and offers a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages.


You can enjoy the Rabbitat, goathill, duck yard, Jersey cow and more. Walking paths & picnic area.


Please respect posted rules & regulations.

Please do not climb on or harass the animals.

august 7

AUGUST 8 & 9

Langley Airport - Hangar #3

5333 – 216th Street


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10am – 4pm

Drop-in, show your pass at the front desk for child and adult complimentary admittance!

$17 Value

Canadian Museum of Flight offers a unique collection of historic aircraft & artifacts in preserving aviation history for future generations. Displays, exhibits, models make us one of Canada’s most diverse collections.

Police Museum Logo 2022.png

240 East Cordova St


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Thursdays & Fridays in August

(one time per pass in the month)
11am – 5pm Drop In
Suitable for youth ages 5+

Show your Kidsworld pass at the front desk for complimentary entrance for Kidsworld child and adult. $22 value.

Learn the science of crime and the history of policing at the Vancouver Police Museum & Archives, home of Vancouver’s former CSI lab! Walk through the museum's authentic historic spaces and learn about some of Vancouver's most exciting criminal cases and unsolved murder mysteries, or find out about the fascinating history of forensic science and policing in Vancouver. Our exhibits are educational, captivating, and include authentic photos, archival material and artefacts straight from the source.

Police Museum photo.jpg

august 9

Powerhouse at Stave Falls - Front Exterior.JPG


The Powerhouse at Stave Falls

August 10

10 am to 4 pm


Show your Kidsworld pass for complimentary admission for one child and one adult, a $15 value.


Learn about the history of clean energy at one of the first dams in our province. Enjoy unique displays, educational exhibits and electricity demonstrations that show how B.C. is powered by water.

BC Hydro Logo.jpg

31338 Dewdney Trunk Rd


The Visitor Centre is accessible via Dewdney Trunk Road, on the west side of the Stave Falls Dam.

august 9

Krause Waffles.webp

KRAUSE BERRY FARMS & estate Winery waffle Buy one get one deal

9:30am - 4pm

A Family Owned and Operated Farm Located in the Centre of 200 Beautiful Acres in Langley, BC. Krause Berry Farms Has Been Serving the Community Since 1974.

Come enjoy our award-winning fresh hot waffles.  Visit the Waffle Bar and show your Kidsworld pass for the buy one, get one free deal.  Regular price $13.50.

While at the farm you can u-pick berries with the family, buy something delicious from the bakery and enjoy the market!

6179 248 Street


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august 10

Richmond Fire Hall

Richmond fire hall

July 22


Please note the important parking and event access information on the picture below.  Click the picture to expand.

Come visit Richmond Fire Hall #1 for the Kidsworld Day where there will be several activities to do.  You can tour a fire truck, handle a live fire hose, take a picture in gear, crush a can with the Jaws of Life, see a Thermal Imaging Camera and learn lots at the education booth!

Public Parking.jpg
RFR_-_Fire_Rescue_Logo_COLOUR_For Word.png

Fire Hall #1

6960 Gilbert Road


Parking is to the North of the Fire Hall by the tennis courts, NOT in the Fire Hall parking lot as that is where the event is.  Access to our event is not through the front doors but through the Fire Hall parking lot.

august 10

vancouver performing stars

*Reservation Event*

July 23

Only for families in the surrounding area

1:00-1:45pm for Ages 3-6

1:55-2:40pm for Ages 6-8

2:50-3:35pm for Ages 9-12

Vancouver Performing Stars is a performing arts training program for children ages 1.5-17yrs that operates out of various Vancouver community centres and has a studio at 24th & Fraser.

Come learn all the essential skills to be a dynamite musical theatre performer! Sing with confidence, while learning fun choreography and the acting skills of a star! 

august 7 & august 10


Burnaby - Little Words Studio

(#204-3355 North Road, Burnaby BC)

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Brenda nguyen music

Get ready to sing and dance with your child in this family fun music class! Kids ranging from 0-5 years old can be enrolled in this program to learn many different musical genres in an informal setting.

From private music lessons in the comfort of your own home, I will strive to bring the love of music into the student's life! I believe music is a freely expressed form of art that students can carry on for a lifetime.


*One time experience per child for the summer*

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