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Kidsworld's mission is to support local families with an affordable way to spend quality time together at a wide range of Vancouver's best places.  We want to give children opportunities to get a wide range of experiences including art, dance music, sports, and unique educational opportunities. 


Kidsworld has always existed only due to the generosity of the event hosts, who are committed to supporting the community, and blessing the kids of our city.  We would not exist without them, and are so thankful!


Kidsworld began in Vancouver in 1992 through the vision of founder Brian Freestone. Originally known as Kidsummer, the program grew over the span of the foundational eight years.  In 2000 came a name change to Kidsworld, with a desire to have quality events outside of the summer as well.  Brian's goal was to create an opportunity for families to share ‘quality’ time together, doing a host of unique, and oftentimes highly educational events/activities. 

He believes in the impact that shared experiences can have to bring friends and family closer together.

In the fall of 2015, Brian Dean came on board as the Program Director, with a desire to see Kidsworld continue to develop into the future.  The program has continued to develop and add new events for families to enjoy.  Covid 19 forced the program to shift online and take a brief pause for a year and a half but now it is back with the support of Mindy Thompson. She first heard about Kidsworld before she had children, because her friends with kids always talked highly about it. Now, with her own kids free each summer, she welcomes the excitement of "being a tourist in our own town," while being a part of something that offers the "flexibility and affordability" that the Kidsworld Program offers.

We know there will be many more great years are to come!


Julia and Jordyn were both born and raised in the Lower Mainland and met at Trinity Western University. They quickly bonded over their love for people, spending time outdoors, and always being down for a new adventure. They married after university and now have a son together.

Before Kids World, Julia worked for the Surrey School District as a Child and Youth Care Worker. Jordyn has a background in sales. They are both excited to meet the families of Kids World and grow connections with event hosts throughout the Lower Mainland.









Brian Dean was born and raised in North Vancouver, and this has greatly shaped who he is.  He loves the outdoors, spending time with friends, playing sports, and exploring the world as much as possible.  

Brian is married to a wonderful woman named Kim, they have a young son named Joshua and a second son on the way in late spring 2022!

Before Kidsworld Brian spent six years as a youth worker on the North Shore and several summers as a director at Keats Camps.


To Support Local families with an affordable way to spend quality time together while supporting local organizations by connecting them to local families in a positive way 



- To be affordable for families

- to encourage quality family time

- To Offer High Quality Fun, Artistic, Athletic and Educational Experiences

- To Support Local Organizations By Connecting Local Families

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Mindy Thompson was born and raised in Tahsis, on Vancouver Island, then spent her formative and adult years in North Vancouver, and this has greatly shaped who she is.  She loves music and dancing, camping, hiking, swimming, cuddling with her kids, making memories with family and friends, and welcoming other cultures and cuisines. She speaks fluent Spanish! 


Mindy is married to a hilarious guy named Alex, they have a large mixed family, but also two young ones of their own named Shayla and Alex!

Before Kidsworld, Mindy spent fifteen years as an ESL teacher, working with newcomers and international students. She loved not only helping others with their English, but also introducing others to what the lower mainland had to offer!

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